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Automatic Test Equipment based on PXI Platform

Modular & Scalable
Two different configurations, 9 and 14 slots, to fit all customer requirements. Every slot can be freely configurable and the system works in a Plug & Play mode.

– Switching
– Digital I/O
– Programmable Power Supply
– Data Acquisitiona and Generation – Analog Measurements
– Boundary Scan (JTAG)

General Purpose

By mixing different Interface Cards in the PXI slots with COTS instruments, you can test the functionality of every electronic card or system

Easy Mainteinance

As option, an ‘ATEXI Diagnostic Tool’ (made by a Fixture and SW) can be provided to allow specific diagnosis of the system: this tool drives the operator to pinpoints exactly the FAIL section .


ATEXI uses external test fixtures for every different card. Fixture insertion is made easy thanks to the special mechanics design and the use of robust interface test connectors. A small desk is part of the structure to hold product documentation or supporting troubleshooting activities.

The ATEXI has been developed as a Plug&Play system to allow to Test Engineers an easy work for upgrading it: it is released completely connected also in the basic configuration, therefore customers can decide to add new functionalityies also in a second time without to block it for HW Upgrade.
This means ATEXI has been thought with a real flexible and modular concept.


Each DUT has a dedicated fixture which is connected by 4 connectors to the main system.

All ATEXI resources are available to the external fixture.

Fixture insertion has been made easy thanks to the special mechanic design

The software core system of ATEXI has been developed to allow reusability of existing test sequences and instrument drivers and so using standard programming techniques. A dedicated GUI makes all system functions available to the user to allow full control of the system.


– Based on PXI Architecture
– Modular Plug & Play platform
– Easy load and unload of test fixture
– LCD Touch Monitor Man Machine Interface
– Easy servicing with ATEXI Diagnostic Tool
– Industrial Standard SW development Rack layout with integrated bench
– 1230x1162x1166 (LxWxH mm)